Born as a place where students and young designers can promote their works and expose their ideas, in the last six years Wevux have found hundreds of talents and discovered hidden design treasures all over the world. Everyday, photographers, designers and artists find in Wevux the perfect inspirational place where to invent, create and ... design.

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Montenapoleone Street is just a small neighborhood in the center of Milan, Italy. However, many people recognize in this four-sided discrict one of the most important places for fashion, luxury and trends. Walking through the shop windows you can dive into the italian and internation brands and maison and truly understand the meaning of the famous sentence "La bella vita". We delocalized this street and made it accessible wordwilde, collecting in a single place everything about fashion with special interest for the "Made in Italy".

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It is very important to have the right picture of yourself. If you are using a dating app, selecting a profile picture or just updating your instagram, you want to make sure that you are giving to your audience the best possible image of yourself. Thousands of people will see that, and a mistake is simply NOT an option. Tender helps you to be beautiful. The idea is elegant and powerful and often known as AB testing. Just upload your set of pictures select and select your target. Tender will do the rest. Hundreds of people will prescreen your selection realtime and it is just a matter of minutes before knowing what is the best picture to use.

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Soccer is by far the most loved sport in the world with more than 3 billions fans. We thought about these 3 billions people when we designed Highlightful. There are many apps about soccer, but just few of them provide the latest video highlights real-time, and only one does this all for free.

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